McAfee Help

Set up Shredder

The first time that you use Shredder, you must first select the items that you want to shred, or simply accept the default selections. You can set up Shredder to save your settings for the next time you want to shred items on your PC. Any time you want to change your settings, repeat these steps.

1 Open the main Tools page.
2 Under Shredder, click Settings.
You can also access the settings pane by clicking the settings icon in the top-right of the Shredder pane.
3 Select one of these options:
To... Do this...
Manually select the item or location to shred every time Click Ask me to browse for a location each time I shred.
Save the settings as your default. From the Always Shred drop-down list, click Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet files, or another location (like a removable hard drive or a USB drive).
4 Select the Shred type:
Quick Shreds the selected item once
Basic Shreds the selected item two times
Safe Shreds the selected item five times
Comprehensive Shreds the selected item seven times
Complete Shreds the selected item ten times
5 Click Save.