McAfee Help

Add a PC connection

You can add a Home, Work, Public, or Blocked PC connection and its associated IP address.

Make sure that any PC you establish a connection with is safe. If you connect to a PC that's infected with a worm or a similar threat, your PC is vulnerable to infection from that PC. Also, McAfee recommends that any PC you connect to is protected by a firewall and an up-to-date anti-virus program.
1 Open the Firewall settings page.
2 Click Connections.
3 Under Add Network Connection, select the version of the PC connection's IP address: IPv4 or IPv6.
4 Do one of the following:
Select Single, then type the IP address in the IP Address field.
Select Range, then type the starting (From:) and ending (To:) IP addresses. If the PC connection is on an IPv6 network, type the starting IP address (IPv6 Address) and the prefix length (Subnet prefix length).
If a system service uses Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), you can type to for the starting (From:) and ending (To:) IP addresses.
5 From the Connection Protection Type menu, specify the security level for this PC connection:
To... Do this...
To specify that this PC connection is part of a home network Select Home.
To specify that this PC connection is part of a corporate network Select Work.
To specify that this PC connection is Public, as in a PC in an Internet cafe, hotel, or airport Select Public.
To block traffic that comes from an IP address so that it can't reach your PC through any port Select Blocked.
6 If you want the rule to expire, under Days Before Expiration, type the number of days the rule is enforced before it expires.
7 Under Description, type an optional description for the rule.
8 Click Save.