McAfee Help

View scan progress

When you run a scan, you can observe the scan progress immediately, with McAfee concurrently showing the issues it finds and those it fixes. These issues include files infected by viruses, potentially unwanted programs, and tracking cookies. If there are issues remaining after the scan, McAfee prompts you to select options to deal with them.

You can pause the scan, cancel it, or run it in the background. You can also stop the scan and resolve any issues that McAfee detected already.

To... Do this...
Hide the scan progress page and run the scan in the background Click Scan In background.
Pause the scan so that you can resume at a later time Click Pause.
Resume a paused scan Click Resume.
Skip the file that is currently being scanned and proceed to the next file Click Skip.
Stop the scan and work with issues that McAfee detected already Click Cancel.

If you cancel part of the scan, McAfee can't detect any remaining issues until you run your next complete scan. We recommend running scans until they are finished to catch all potential threats.

If you chose to run the scan in the background, an alert notifies you when the scan is finished, showing items scanned, items detected, items fixed, and items remaining. The alert also indicates whether any threats on your PC require your attention.

McAfee can turn off your PC automatically after checking it for threats. In the scan progress page when the scan starts, select Turn off my PC if no threats are found during the scan.