McAfee Help

Anti-Spam features

Spam protection Anti-Spam prevents unsolicited email from entering your Inbox. The advanced anti-spam filtering rules are updated automatically for all your email accounts. You can also create custom filters to define what to look for in a message, and adjust the level of filtering (least aggressive to most aggressive) according to your needs.
Phishing protection Anti-Spam identifies potential phishing websites that solicit personal information. If you try to access a known or potentially fraudulent website, Anti-Spam redirects you to a safe page. From there, you can learn why the site was categorized as a phishing site and decide whether to view it. If you find a site to be safe, you can add it to your whitelist so it won't be flagged the next time you go there.
Anti-Spam toolbar Mark or unmark email individually using the toolbar that Anti-Spam adds to your email program. You can change a message's status if it is filtered incorrectly.
Friends List Add your friends to the Friends List so that you always receive their email.
Webmail filtering If you use a browser to read your Microsoft Hotmail or Windows Live Mail, Anti-Spam connects to your webmail account and filters your messages even before you log on. You can then preview the filtered messages and decide to save or delete them.