McAfee Help

Getting started with the Home Page

Before customizing your software, review the different components of the Home Page interface that you will use to manage your PC's security.

Protection status area

Located in the top half of the Home Page, the "protection status area" changes color (green or red) to notify you of security events that occur on your PC. You can work in the protection status area to fix some security issues (for example, if Personal Firewall is off, a notification appears in the protection status area with an option to turn Personal Firewall on). To learn more about the protection status area, read Understanding your protection status.

Protection drawers Located in the bottom half of the Home Page, "protection drawers" contain the features that you use to protect your PC. To learn more about protection drawers, read Understanding your protection drawers.
Protection features Located inside of the protection drawers, "protection features" are the McAfee programs, like Personal Firewall or Anti-Spam, that protect your PC and files. To learn more about the protection features, read Understanding your protection features.

You can return to the Home Page at any time to check your PC's protection status or change a setting. If your McAfee software detects a security issue, it alerts you to fix the problem.