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Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware features

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware keep your PC constantly protected with real-time scanning, and provide a range of scanning options for you to choose from.

Comprehensive virus protection Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protect your PC from the latest security threats, including viruses, Trojans, tracking cookies, rootkits, bots, spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted programs.
Resource-saving scanning options McAfee lets you choose faster scans and slower resource-saving scans that reduce the impact of scanning on your other activities.
Automatic repairs McAfee detects and neutralizes the majority of security threats to your PC automatically, with no administration required on your part.
Script scanning protection Scans for potentially harmful scripts and prevents them from running on your PC or web browser. Suspicious script activity includes scripts that create, copy, or delete files, and scripts that attempt to modify your Windows registry.
Email protection McAfee automatically scans for virus activity in the email and attachments you send and receive.
Instant messaging protection If you receive an attachment to an instant message, McAfee analyzes it for potential security threats.
Quick, full, custom, and manual scans McAfee provides a range of scan types to suit your security needs, and allows you to decide how thorough you want your scan to be. You can check all drives and folders with a full scan or just a single file on your desktop. Of course, the choice is yours.
Active Protection Connects you to McAfee's online community, providing the latest information on potentially unwanted programs and emerging threats.
Scheduled scanning Scheduled scans check your PC for viruses and other threats on a regular basis, and are essential to ensuring the continuous health of your PC. By default, McAfee performs a scheduled scan once a week, but you can modify the schedule to fit your needs.
Access Protection You can use Access Protection to protect your most essential McAfee files, registries and services in case you accidentally delete them. It also protects against malware that attacks anti-virus software.
Background scanning If you receive an attachment to an instant message, McAfee analyzes it for potential security threats. McAfee also prevents instant messaging programs from sharing any of your personal information.