McAfee Help

Managing your Friends List

You can add friends to your Friends List automatically or manually, to make sure that their email messages are not filtered. Do this only when you know you can trust messages from these email addresses.

You can set up your Friends List automatically by adding contacts from your address books to Anti-Spam, which populates your Friends List with them. If you make changes to your address book, you can update your Friends List by re-importing the address book. New addresses are added and changes to names or addresses are updated. However, if you deleted any addresses from your address book, you need to remove them from your Friends List manually.

To manually update your list of friends, you edit individual entries on your Friends List page. When you receive an email from a friend whose address is not in your address book, the easiest way to add that address to your Friends List is to use the Anti-Spam toolbar. You can also use the Friends List page.

If you trust a company or organization, you can add its domain to your Friends List. Any email from that domain then arrives safely in your Inbox without being filtered. For example, if you add the domain of ABC company, "," none of the email with the address "" is filtered.

Add contacts from your address book
Import contacts from your address books to add their email addresses to your Friends List.
Add a friend to your Friends List with the Anti-Spam toolbar
When you receive an email message, you can add the sender to your Friends List directly from your Inbox using the Anti-Spam toolbar.
Add a friend or domain to your Friends List manually
You can add a friend or domain to your Friends List from the Friends List page. Add a domain to your Friends List if you want to allow email from every user in that domain. For example, if you add the domain, all email from reaches your Inbox.
Change an entry in your Friends List
If a domain changes or the email address for a friend changes, you must update the entry in your Friends List. Otherwise, Anti-Spam does not recognize the new address as trusted and marks messages from that friend or domain as spam.
Remove a friend or domain from your Friends List
If for any reason you no longer trust messages from someone on your Friends List, or someone in a domain on your Friends List, you can remove the friend or domain from your Friends List. You will still receive email from that address or domain, but not their spam.