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Managing filtered email

If you are using a webmail account, you can view your filtered email messages. This is useful when you want to see if any legitimate messages were filtered, or if you want to know when a message was filtered. You can also delete filtered messages or export them to a safe folder on your computer so you can open them.

You can also view history logs that include the time your webmail account was checked for spam, and any messages that are generated if your spam filtering rules are not updated.

At times you might find that spam was not detected (false negative), or that legitimate email was marked as spam (false positive). This could mean that you need to adjust your spam filtering levels or your filtering rules. When you use the Anti-Spam toolbar, you can send false positives or false negatives to McAfee. McAfee engineers analyze both to create improved filters.

View, delete, or move filtered webmail
You can view or delete messages in your webmail account that Anti-Spam filtered, or copy them to another location.
View history and logs
You can read the history log to find out when Anti-Spam filtered your webmail account. You can also read any messages Anti-Spam creates when spam filtering rules fail to update.
Send your filtered email to McAfee
You can notify McAfee whenever you use your Anti-Spam toolbar to mark an email message as spam or to unmark an email message that you consider a legitimate message. This information helps McAfee analyze the email to refine the rules for filtering spam.