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Turn on real-time scanning

Real-time scanning checks files for viruses each time you or your PC accesses them. Keep real-time scanning activated to ensure the safety of your PC.

When you turn real-time virus protection back on, your protection is restored and your protection status on the Home Page shows that your PC is again "secure."

Along with real-time scanning, we recommend setting up a schedule for regular scans. To learn more, read Setting a scan schedule.

1 Open the Real-Time Scanning settings page.
2 Under Real-Time Scanning, click Turn on.
If real-time scanning is already on and you want to turn it off, click Turn off. Turning off real-time scanning leaves your PC exposed to threats, and your protection status on the Home Page changes to indicate that your PC is "at risk." To learn more about turning real-time scanning off, read Turn off real-time scanning.