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Home Page features
Using the Home Page
Fixing protection problems
Working with alerts
Viewing your security history
Checking the threat map
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware features
Working with alerts
Using scans
Scanning your PC
Working with scan results
Managing quarantined and trusted items
Setting real-time scanning options
Setting custom scan options
Setting a scan schedule
Excluding items from your scans
Learning about Internet security
Personal Firewall
Personal Firewall features
Starting Personal Firewall
Working with alerts
Setting up Personal Firewall protection
Managing Personal Firewall security types
Changing advanced settings
Customizing Personal Firewall security
Blocking and restoring Internet access
Managing Internet connections for programs
Managing PC connections
About system services
Setting up system service ports
Event Logging
Viewing HackerWatch statistics
Monitoring Internet traffic
Learning about Internet security
Parental Controls
Parental Controls features
Understanding content categories in Parental Controls
Setting up Parental Controls
Assigning an age group
Using safe searching
Allowing and blocking websites
Limiting time spent online
Viewing the Parental Controls report
Anti-Spam features
How Anti-Spam works
Setting up spam protection
Managing filtered email
Managing your Friends List
Turning off spam protection
My Home Network
My Home Network features
Network management terms
Working with alerts
Setting up a home network
File and printer sharing
Working with the network map
Managing your home network
Remotely managing PCs and devices
Fixing security vulnerabilities
McAfee QuickClean tool
McAfee QuickClean tool features
Cleaning your PC
McAfee Shredder tool
McAfee Shredder tool features
Shredding files, folders, and disks
McAfee Online Backup
File Lock
File Lock features
Setting up File Lock
Managing your subscription
Working with vaults
Moving and backing up vaults
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